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Starting from a few tree planting friends over a decade ago Shakti Reforestation has grown to be an institution in Alberta. Working with natural resource companies, environmental and consulting firms, First Nations, local and international organisations, our trained team has planted 10’s of millions of seedlings for reclamation projects. We are a leader in projects with complex logistical and administrative challenges. Our goal is to make tree planting accessible easy and accessible to make planting trees easy and accessible for a wide array of the earths stakeholders.

We are a dedicated team of professionals 

Chris Harris

Owner and General Manager

Planting trees has been Chris’ career. Determined to do this work since childhood, Chris became a tree planter after high-school. Nine years later Shakti began. As the brainchild of Shakti, Chris is dedicated to this life long  ambition to plant trees. 

Ron Laverdiere

Lead Supervisor

Ron has a vast experience with trees and horticulture.  Equipped with an Engineering Degree, Ron enjoys to problem solve logistics, equipment and challenging terrain. He has an impressive list of certifications. As well as many year experience studying permaculture both in Canada and abroad. 

Martin Smith

Lead Supervisor

Martin’s curiosity for the outdoors and natural world has led him to a career in sustainable and responsible resource management.  His passion is remote access work working with ATV’s, UTV’s and  helicopters’ both slinging and flying. 

Cassie De Colling

Administration and Marketing

Everyday Cassie keeps our crew on track and focused on the job at hand. She is pivotal part of the Shakti team, making sure that from the office to in the field we have everything we need.


We manage the full production cycle


Seed Collection

Shakti has collected many thousands of hecto-litres of different species of seeds, tree cones, cuttings, stakes, and other tree and plant genetic material.


Sourcing + Growing

We understand the requirments of provincial and ecological seed-zones we work with your project scope and our nurseries to provide the trees you need.



Site Preparation

Shakti has the tools and equipment for mounding, de-building access, and removal of unwanted/unnatural material. Are all part of the service we offer.


Tree Planting

With over five hundred successful projects planted. Our elite team work with helicopters, ATV’s, UTV’s or our in-house Marsh Master tank to get the job done.



Using technology to retrieve information from the field. We undertake surveys in all kinds of terrain, conditions and weather for our client’s reports.

Safety is our priority

Since the beginning, Shakti has maintained a certificate of recognition with Alberta Partners in Injury Reduction and BC ForestSafe. We are also a members of ISNetworld.com and Comply Works.

Everyone of our energy-specific crews are trained in Petroleum Safety Training (PST), Standard First Aid &CPR, H2S Alive, WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods & Bear Safety Training and is COR certified in both Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR) and BC Forest Safe.

Our commercial liability coverage is for $5,000,000 and can be updated to suit the needs of our clients. We have a clean rapport with WCB in both provinces.

Access and Logistics

We pride ourselves on our capability to plant trees in the toughest locations in Alberta. With decades of experience navigating swamps, well-sites and cut-blocks.

Marsh Master + Excavator

We pride ourselves on our ability to access hard to get to places. Using inhouse Marsh Master and Excavator you can trust we will find a way into the most tricky locations. 

Trucks + Trailer fleet

Our fleet of heavy-duty trucks and trailers and experienced drivers have you covered. With crews and vehicles based in Edmonton and northern Alberta, we are on the move collecting cones, delivering trees orders and transporting people and equipment.


A core element of our workload is with helicopter access. We have 1000’s of hours of logged flying to reclamation sites and unique areas. 

Cloud mapping + Production tracking

We utilise our custom cloud mapping system to track the production of each and every job. This information is readily available to our clients at the click of a button.

Why choose Shakti?


Committed to the game

We LOVE planting trees. We are 110% committed to all our clients and opportunities to pursue this dream. We are absolute in our efforts to produce and contribute to the objective to plant tree planting.  And not just this season, but through a lifetime of education, experience, and blissful, unrelenting, hard work 🙂 


Detailed reporting

We understand the need for accurate data. Our daily reports include.

  • Seed-zone and location of cones collected or trees planted.
  • Realtime tracking of trees planted in relation to delivery order.
  • Georeferenced mapping.
  • Equipment used.
  • Saftey analysis.





Cost efficienty

We love to plant trees. With our combined experience, in-house equipment, elite crews and integrated tech systems. We work with you to plan economical strategies for long term solutions.  

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