Ambition, education, innovation. Why Shakti tree planters stay ahead...



Hi planters. I’m especially, and superly, excited about 2017 planting season, even more than other planting seasons. Why? Because Shakti was designed to make me excited about planting season, I literally can’t help it. Also because:

  1. I’m going back to my favourite planting camp in the world, a camp with the best of Shakti and Little Smoky, where I always love planting, where I cut my teeth on big numbers and big freedom. I went Super far on those planter dollars, and I’m very excited to do it again, with many awesome people.
  2. The clients are really cool. The collection of clients and contracts we have are all with great people who are genuinely into what we’re doing and what Shakti is about. They’re excited to work with us, it’s going to be a cool experience for us and them.
  3. I’m here to help. Shakti and all of the equipment, staff, associate companies and everyone I’ll be talking to, is here with the clear purpose of planting the trees, and doing well for our planters, and for the public, and the environment. Sometimes you just do what you were born to do, 2017 is one of those years.

YOU….  This affects YOU because I want 5-10 NEW tree planters, new vets from other companies, who are going bring the noise and enthusiasm with them, and we are all going to learn about planting trees again, together, in the most exciting and amazing way possible.  NOT rookies. I mean new planters who want to learn something truly different and special and cool, about planting trees in Alberta, and we will make a ton of money, and have fun, inshallah. If you are one of those people then you can write Shakti an email, and say why you want to plant here and why you are different and cool and amazing.

SHAKTI….. What SHAKTI can bring is:

  • High tree prices, 12-16 cents in Alberta is super stellar for fast ground for real, for real, for real.
  • Hourly planting. $25-30/hour for driving around and special projects all around the province. Paid drives, paid listening to audio books while being paid, insightful conversation and hilarious people – just watch the road, and be cool. We all got places to go….
  • Long season from early May to end of July. Probably a lot more if you want.
  • Mix of bush camp and hotel motel holiday inn, say what?
  • Safety First environment, and progressive talks with cool people who communicate and are professional. No aggressive, or intense bro’s. No intimidating or harsh management. All very nice and good people only.
  • Training: First aid and other types of training, paid for by Shakti, that you can use in other industries. As well as real life management experiences and stuff to put on your resume that is better and different, then simply being tree planter.
  • Community. You will be part of the community. You will meet epic legends that change history.
  • Experience, 20 years of tree planting experience, that has touched many lives, and created a story that continues to awe and grow. Even ask anyone.