Ambition, education, innovation. Why Shakti tree planters stay ahead...


Ambition.  Education. 

Why Shakti tree planters stay ahead...

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    Welcome to Shakti

    Western Canada's premier energy and natural resource tree planters.

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    Energy Reclamation Services

    Our clients have greatly supported us in reaching a new height of complience in reforestation activity. We are a progressive group of workers and we are thrilled to meet whatever specification, complication, or administrative rigour that a job entails. Engaging people for a different take on tree planting is what we do best.


    Access and Other Challenges

    Reforesting the remote corners of Alberta and BC is a rewarding challenge that we take great pride in. Moving people and trees via ATV, aquatic vehicles, helicopters and ice road is all part of the fun! If you face a challenging access situation we’re more then happy to talk and share information to get you where we’re going.


    Employee Log In

    Employee Training and Forms, SMS Plan, updates and general Information for Shakti employees. Ask your Supervisor for passwords.More-Info

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