Ambition, education, innovation. Why Shakti tree planters stay ahead...


Julia’s counterparts in university, on the planting block, playing water polo, or on any other competitive front, know a few things for certain. She’s always a pleasure to be around, always an unrelenting positive force–when she’s not busy dusting the floor with you.

Julia has a degree in political science from U of Guelph and divides her time between Canada and the rest of the world.



The Wilkiest man alive.  Jim is the Yin and Yang

The Wilkiest man alive.  Jim is the Yin and Yang of planting. In camp he’s the first guy to welcome newcomers. He pulls heartstrings with his choice musical ability and coins the phrases which raise crew spirit. In the field Jim is a workhorse, he’s all business. Legend has it that he finished a season with a broken wrist (shovel side), though it seems unlikely.

Ol’ Jimbo is a wily vet, a genuine good guy, and a true friend.

Jim resides in Kelowna in the off season.  He’s an avid snowboarder, a handyman and a seasoned traveler.



Allegedly the child of Vikings, Carlie thankfully strayed from her predestined war path to choose, instead, the conquest of outdoor recreation. Her subsequent experiences with art, traveling, work and school are apparent. 

Carlie can